KMI | JAY-Z releases “4:44”

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444 cover

(Image from Today is June 30, 2017 and as of midnight JAY-Z has released his 13th studio album entitled “4:44.” I have yet to listen to the full length of the project but, since listening to the preview on TIDAL.COM I discovered a few tracks I can identify as favorites. It is always interesting to continue reading →

KMI | January 2016

BY: kmi | ON: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 | IN: Editor's Note

Greetings from KeeMyselfandi! It’s a new year and I do hope you all are seeing much of what you have expected of 2016 thus far. My new year has been swell as I’ve been working, traveling, and have just recently resumed classes at Hofstra University for the Spring 2016 semester. The winter break seemed to continue reading →


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August 2015a

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe it has been such a long time since I have last posted. Thank you to all who have continuously asked whether I have still been blogging or filming interviews — I appreciate you more than you know. August brings me to the end of the summer and in a few continue reading →


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Happy ‘Almost’ Spring, everyone! I have definitely been MIA (missing in action) from posting. While I was away, I did indulge in reading posts on Facebook, Twitter, and your Blogs – daily. I really do enjoy your posts as a way to take mini-breaks from my daily activities. Now, it’s March and I’m back – continue reading →


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While the New Year, 2015, is 10 minutes away – I just wanted to quickly extend a greeting! Thank you all for all that you do, you inspire me in various ways that you may or may not know. Thank you for how you all work hard, be creative, pursue your careers, balance work life/family continue reading →

KMI | November 2014

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Initially, I had begun composing this post while commuting from work and then realized my phone browser would not cooperate. So, here I am December 1, 5:05AM with a November recap. site directory November was a great month and for once, I believe I have a brief recap for you all. In November, I: -Continued continue reading →


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I almost feel as if this post should start off with “Hello October!” only, it’s the very tail end of October, October 31 after midnight so, technically November but I was so determined to get this post out that I’m up at 3:43AM writing – yeah, you get me! lol This month started off a continue reading →

KMI | September 2014

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Now, I definitely want to know where the time is going. I can’t believe that it’s September 2014, before we know it, it will be New Years Eve and then 2015! Nonetheless, this is my third consecutive month of posting consistently (both updates and content posts) and I am extremely proud of myself! Thank you continue reading →

KMI | Bobby Shmurda

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KMI | Bobby Shmurda ‘Hot N*gga’ Reggae Remix**** Allow me to use up my expenditure of omg’s lol. omg omg omg omg omg lol I still can’t deal. Lol, Okay omg omg omg lol I’m good now. When I saw this post by Bobby Shmurda on IG [Instagram for whomever isn’t in the loop of continue reading →

Kee Myself & I | JAMAICA

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2013-11-09 15.46.56

Jamaica, Jamaica… (cues Popcaan’s Where We Come From album) Jamaica hands down is my most favorite place that I’ve traveled to thus far… In the past two years alone, I have accumulated 12 stamps in my passport from Jamaica. Why is Jamaica my favorite? This gem of a island country situated in the Caribbean Sea continue reading →

Kee Myself & I | August 2014

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Hello Hello everyone! It’s August 2014 and I’m back before the month is out! Can you say consistency!? lol This month was a great month – I’ve gotten a lot more things settled in for school (which starts next week) and have just a few more to go before everything is perfectly squared away. I’m continue reading →

Kee Myself & I | July 2014

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‘Where does the time go!?’ It’s July 2014 and it seems like I’ve been warped away into some work zone for forever and a day. My last monthly update post was in October of 2013 – Things must change! KeeMyselfandi is still here and I promise to deliver more content. I still love writing, still continue reading →