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KMI August 2Today is August 8, 2013 and there’s been approximately 4 months since my last post and 2 months since I have completed my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Queensborough Community College. And now, I’m back to!!

My time away was spent preparing to graduate and then enjoying my earned freedom from school (while I no longer have to study, take an exam, or complete an assignment! lol). I have spent a large part of my time away gearing up, mentally preparing, and deciding on effectively steering in the direction that I have envisioned and I’ve learned that in order to do the work that I see in my head for KeeMyselfandi it will take an additional investment of time, resources, and oh money lol. Lurodwerehy . When I began my blog, I never imagined that I might possibly need a budget in order to produce some of the work that I envision but, even if it takes me a year I’m all for it and I will accomplish what I set forth to.

In the months to come, you will get to see much of my creative work in interviewing some great individuals, posts about destinations that I travel to (by use of my amazing job that I absolutely love at Delta Air Lines – Go Delta! lol), book reviews on titles that I am currently reading, and monthly check-ins where I share a bit of my progress in life, what I’ve accomplished, and where I want to go. These monthly check-ins will also open up the floor for dialogue with you all as I absolutely enjoy communicating thus far whether it’s via comment on a post or on Facebook or Twitter – you all are uber cool!!

Graduation was excellent and I am still living in the afterglow of my accomplishment as all the effort, hard work, and toil was completely and utterly worth every moment. Completing school was an accomplishment that truly is and feels PRICELESS.

So…here’s to the final two quarters of 2013, progress, plans, endeavors and accomplishments – I’ll be back again really soon.

With Love,

Kee Chisolm


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