Kee Myself & I | August 2014

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Hello Hello everyone! It’s August 2014 and I’m back before the month is out! Can you say consistency!? lol

This month was a great month – I’ve gotten a lot more things settled in for school (which starts next week) and have just a few more to go before everything is perfectly squared away. I’m excited! My planned major at The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University is Public Relations. This time, I wanted to study something a bit more Creative but, yet related to Business for my Bachelor’s. I thoroughly enjoyed studying Business Administration at Queensborough Community College and wanted to add a Creative edge to my studies before pursuing an MBA, hopefully lol – at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Yes, this young woman, has got GOALS!

So, that’s the update on school.

Moving along, I traveled to Norfolk, VA on Friday August 22 for the first time. I had to contact all types of Supervisors at work to be granted time to leave early for the 645pm flight. Then, the flight was oversold (oversold translates to you might not get a seat when you’re flying standby like me), and I wanted to be back in New York on Saturday for Church. Did I really want to do this? The struggle lol. Then to make matters even more the weather got inclement and caused the flight to delay. But, not for one moment did I give up hope. I just really wanted to make it to Norfolk to celebrate with Sheena Beana (Sheena Riddick) for her BIRTHDAY!!

Long story short, the incoming aircraft made it despite the inclement weather, I got a SEAT!, we took off at about 905pm-ish, I landed at 10PM, and had one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a long while. Sidenote: I tend to have really fun nights when Sheena Beana is involved lol she lives out the lively-ness that exists in my imagination. Love you Beana Beana!!

What’s NEXT? I’m pushing to finally get my most recent interview edited, I want to schedule some more interviews, and I will Blog  post on a few things including – Popcaan’s Album Release party I attended in June and also Bobby Shmurda’s just released reggae remix to his song ‘Hot N*gga’ feat. Jah X, Junior Reid, Mavado, and Popcaan!!

Oh, this portion right here is especially to say thank you to Channing from August brought a comment from you on one of my blog posts, Thank You! It means a ton. I look up to you as a Blogger and fellow young woman. When beginning my blog, I asked myself ‘who inspires my vision?’ You fell into that category and I had to add you to my Blog-roll of faves. You inspire me more than you know.

Whew, that’s a long blog post there lol, I’ll be back, soon, sooner than you can correctly spell supercalafragalist…lol yeah.

With the Utmost Love and Appreciation,

Kee Chisolm


P.S That pic up there? It was taken while departing from Virginia, that’s the coastal area as we had just taken off.

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