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Jamaica, Jamaica… (cues Popcaan’s Where We Come From album)

Jamaica hands down is my most favorite place that I’ve traveled to thus far…

In the past two years alone, I have accumulated 12 stamps in my passport from Jamaica.

Why is Jamaica my favorite? This gem of a island country situated in the Caribbean Sea has so much to offer. Whether it’s food, fun, activity or relaxation you’re after – Jamaica has got you covered. I’ve managed to experience more of the island each time I visit, that I leave only wanting to experience more. In this post, I’ll only be gently skimming the surface of my experiences in Jamaica.

To date I’ve visited Negril, Montego Bay, Kingston (Barbican, Portmore, Red Hills, Cherry Gardens), Ocho Rios (lol I almost wrote Ochi just now – that’s the nickname for Ocho Rios), Savannah La Mar, Lucea, and Mandeville. This is no where near as many places as there are to visit in Jamaica.

Here’s a bit about some of the places I’ve visited:

In Negril, I like to stay at a resort or with someone I know. Negril has a perfect balance between tourism and blending with the locals and is very good for relaxing. My faves for this area: The beach, local food shops, the town, and strolls through the local areas with Oniel ofcourse – he knows the local areas well.

In Ocho Rios, I like to stay at a resort. You’ll need to be prepared to drive or take taxis around for activities. This compact area is the perfect tourist town where you’ll find plenty of beach areas, shopping, restaurants, parties (Margaritaville), activity (Dunn’s River Falls etc.) and the local town area conveniently nearby.

KINGSTON, to me it’s like the Metropolitan area of Jamaica. There’s so much fun to be had, parties, concerts, restaurants, and activity. I’ve stayed at a hotel and with people that I know in Kingston. You definitely want to make sure you’re with locals you know so you don’t venture off somewhere bad lol. To me Kingston, is your opportunity to experience Jamaica in one of it’s rawest and most potent forms. A must. After you’re tired out from Kingston, you’ll be ready to go relax in a resort area lol. The picture above was taken at Hellshire beach while I was relaxing and eating fresh fish and festival!

Montego Bay, perfect for many reasons: proximity to the airport, the walkable ‘Hipstrip’ where you can eat shop party or go back to your hotel lol, and affordable accommodations. Things I love in Montego Bay: Don Way’s Brown Stew Snapper and Strawberry Cupcakes at the Bake Shop in the front and the walking distance of things like the beach and shops.

In summation, Jamaica is a land with so much to experience and while I’ve experienced quite a bit there’s also so much more that I haven’t, a few places that I still want to visit are: The Bob Marley Museum, The Blue Mountains, and The Blue Lagoon in Portland, and Devon House in Kingston.

This post wouldn’t be complete without giving credit where it’s due. I have to credit the people I know in Jamaica and from in Jamaica as a large part of the reason why I am able to experience so much in Jamaica. I am forever indebted to you all. Thank you to: Kirky Don, Dean, Oniel, Sheena Beana, Wayne Lex, Jimbo Sparta, O’brian, Tommy Lee Sparta, Richie West, Heavy D, Omar, Godfrey, Twenty, Russian, Kirkie, Marnie, Saddam, Crunch, Trey, Keyshan, Nikcoy and anyone else that I may have forgotten. You all are amazing x 10!!

I’d like to end this post with a quote from Popcaan in a recent interview for Red Bull, in the statement it’s almost as if Popcaan expresses my sentiments exactly in regard to visiting Jamaica:

“It always best for people to fly into Jamaica and get their own experience and not be fooled by other people’s words.” -Popcaan ‪ #‎wwcf

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