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KMI | Bobby Shmurda ‘Hot N*gga’ Reggae Remix****

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When I saw this post by Bobby Shmurda on IG [Instagram for whomever isn’t in the loop of all things Social Media], I literally needed a moment. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. Did that actually say Bobby Shmurda and Popcaan at the same time? Was this actually a cover design for an official remix that included two of my absolute favorite artists on it? I mean, HELLO, There isn’t another possible collaboration that could make me as excited or more excited – ever. Wait, no,  lol if this Remix included Tommy Lee Sparta and Popcaan and Bobby Shmurda at the same time – I’d need additional moments and a few days away from Social Media until I could actually function lol.

I even told myself that I couldn’t listen to the remix or read any reviews or articles on it until I blogged about my reaction to it even existing – it just wouldn’t be as pure if it were any other way.

A few days earlier, Bobby posted a video on Instagram of himself rhyming the lyrics in a Popcaan tune (which I thought was normal, hey he just liked the tune),  a few days later Popcaan posted the same video of Bobby on Instagram shouting him out in regard to a remix (which I thought was just a general salute out of respect) but, never did I think it would materialize into an actual official remix to Bobby’s ‘Hot N*gga” track, especially not so soon!

You see, Bobby Shmurda is this relatively new artist out of East Flatbush Brooklyn, NY that I just recently learned about. I even knew about his ‘Shmoney dance’ before I knew who he was. I knew that his video for ‘Hot N*gga’ had gone viral and I had seen posts of videos with people doing the ‘Shmoney dance.’ One of Creep Chromatic [a popular selector from Jamaica] and others doing the ‘Shmoney dance’ in Jamaica W.I, Omar [the owner of Kold Kutz a great barber shop in New York] and his other barbers playing the video in the shop and doing the ‘Shmoney dance’ and a team of artists I know from Queens by the name of Litewerk doing the ‘Shmoney dance’ while away on a trip. I had to ask my friend Donjai what Bobby’s name was by reciting whatever lyrics I could remember from the song. The rest is history. I absolutely love Bobby Shmurda as an artist now – Oh, and Rowdy Rebel, Maine Fetti and the whole GS9 movent too – S/o to yall!! Ya’ll litt lol

For anyone who really knows me, knows that, I have loved reggae and its artistry for more than 10 years and also that Popcaan has been one of my favorite artists for a few years now. In addition, I have one parent that is from the Caribbean and the other that is from America and I was born and raised in America so I have this perfect love relationship when it comes to loving Hip-Hop and Reggae at the same time and wishes that these worlds would mesh more perfectly and more often.

And then…every so often, the stars align, and I’m blessed to get to experience moments like now – Bobby Shmurda’s official remix, reggae remix, to his extremely popular track ‘Hot Nigga’ feat. Jah X, Junior Reid, Mavado, and Popcaan. Kudos Bobby on your work ethic and maintaining the momentum in the opportunity you’ve been given – very well!! I see the travel, the posts, the shows!! Keep it going… [I also hope to film an interview with you someday] that that’s written about, I’m free to go listen to Bobby’s ‘Hot N*gga’ reggae remix 100 times and read any article or post regarding it until my heart is content! :) Ah Ah Ahhhh lol

Premiere: Brooklyn’s Last Badmon Bobby Shmurda Talks “Hot Nigga” Reggae Remix:

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P.S I love COMPUTERS!!! #gs9

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