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Happy ‘Almost’ Spring, everyone!

I have definitely been MIA (missing in action) from posting. While I was away, I did indulge in reading posts on Facebook, Twitter, and your Blogs – daily. I really do enjoy your posts as a way to take mini-breaks from my daily activities. Now, it’s March and I’m back – hopefully with no gaps in communication, content, or posts. I do hope that your New Year has brought you much of the positive progress that you have hoped for and worked toward.

In my recent months of the New Year I have had these posts stored up in my intentions but, would never find the time to sit down and churn them out. So, here I am, finally with my January 2015 recap.

My New Year has been, goal wise, as planned – my main goal was to return to studies for the completion of my Bachelor’s degree. In July 2013, I graduated from Queensborough Community College with an AS in Business Administration. Thereafter, I decided to take a year off to travel, regroup and decide ultimately what I wanted to study for my bachelor’s degree and pursue career-wise.

Somewhere in the Spring of 2014 I began looking at prospect schools to attend. My top 3 schools of interest (in no particular order) were CUNY Baruch, Hofstra University, and NYU. After I requested information from all three schools and then visited NYU and Hofstra, I fell in love with Hofstra’s campus. It was something about how the campus was well-groomed that just made me feel tremendously comfortable on my visit, oh and definitely the reputation of The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University!

Fast forward (a year later) a few bumps, turns, and challenges – and I am now a current student at Hofstra University. I knew I was ready for someone’s classroom. Nothing about this journey was easy – I struggle with time management, I had to delay a semester because I didn’t have anyone to co-sign on my private loan, and then I recently learned that due to some fine print in my housing guidelines I will need to drop to a part-time schedule. Not easy but, I am super thankful to be a student – again.

The photo above is from my first day of class on January 28, 2015 after two snow days 😀 !

Keep Working,

Kee Chisolm

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