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Initially, I had begun composing this post while commuting from work and then realized my phone browser would not cooperate. So, here I am December 1, 5:05AM with a November recap. site directory November was a great month and for once, I believe I have a brief recap for you all.

In November, I:

-Continued my college readmission process for pursuing my bachelor’s degree
-Made two overnight travels (for one night each) to Jamaica and Florida
-Received my first reward at Delta Air Lines for providing excellent customer service

In regard to these highlights, financing school continues to be a frustration – choosing between heavy loan balances at my preferred school and lower balances at my alternative choices. Deciding on a major and a concrete career path seem to be challenging as well when I consider my interests in both the Business and Communications fields.

Brief? Yes, Brief, two more points to cover. :)

Over night trips are lots of fun but, can leave you drained and needing a day to recoup. I flew into both Jamaica and Florida for one night only and flew out the next day by noon to return for work in New York. Privileged? Yes. Tired? Yes. Regrets? No lol.

And lastly, I felt great when I received a letter from a passenger raving about customer service I had provided on more than one occasion; coincidentally I’d assist her twice during her frequent travels. We were surprised to encounter each other on numerous occasions when there’s so many Delta agents.

I mean, it feels great to know you’re doing your job as best you can. To read that I am “cordial, polite, and professional”, “Kee stands out as a wonderful employee and person” and “she took the extra time to make sure my needs had been well addressed” let’s me know that I’m on the right track.

And for that, I’m sticking to the Script…


Kee Chisolm

Kee Myself & I

P.S. Say hello to Brooklyn, there’s the Coney Island area of Brooklyn in the above image as I was landing into LGA airport. I’ve got to get some sleep now, it’s 5:40AM, Night! Yes, Night! xo

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