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I almost feel as if this post should start off with “Hello October!” only, it’s the very tail end of October, October 31 after midnight so, technically November but I was so determined to get this post out that I’m up at 3:43AM writing – yeah, you get me! lol

This month started off a bit slow as I wasn’t quite sure of what I’d share, I didn’t have any new updates but, surely as the month progressed – in came more to talk about. I’m so happy I waited to share.

So October was special for several reasons:

  • I celebrated my 30th B-day with a beautiful dinner at Tao Downtown in NYC – amazing night!
  • I received my first Save the Date (Record the Date) ever – never been to a wedding!
  • I have begun my readmission process for school – I’m ready for someone’s classroom!

Those were a few highlights of my month. 30 feels great! I have a sort of in-explainable peace now, that I didn’t have in my 20’s and I absolutely love it. My friend Crystal G Steadman is getting married next summer and I received her absolutely stunning Save the Date (dubbed Record the Date) in the mail this month. I am super excited for her and about her wedding and know that it will be nothing short of beautiful and amazing. Last but certainly not least, I can’t wait to get back into someone’s classroom to continue my education. More updates later, for now back to the drawing board!

Oh that picture up there?! My birthday evening right after my makeup was done – Thanks SHARI!! xo


Kee Chisolm


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