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Now, I definitely want to know where the time is going. I can’t believe that it’s September 2014, before we know it, it will be New Years Eve and then 2015! Nonetheless, this is my third consecutive month of posting consistently (both updates and content posts) and I am extremely proud of myself!

Thank you to all of my loyal readers, I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Perhaps someday we can have a soiree and exchange conversation, ideas, and a good time! I think that would be great…

On to the update. Recently, I’ve been focused on school, work, educating myself, and asking myself ‘what does Kee want?’ (since that’s how I make most of my positive progress in life).

I was scheduled to begin my studies for a Bachelors Degree at Hofstra University September 2 but, when I couldn’t secure the final loan necessary to cover tuition, I had to withdraw from all my classes. Although it’s a small and temporary setback, I’m sure I will have solidified a new plan for the Spring 2015 semester.

Work, I find myself basking in the love I have for my job ever increasingly and I don’t know where it’s coming from. Actually, I think it’s coming from my passion for Customer Service, my love for travel, my appreciation of flexibility, what a great Brand Delta is, and the fact that I’ve been with the company for 3 years. In the event that you’re just tuning in, I’m a Ready Reserve Customer Service Agent at Delta Air Lines JFK. While I’d love to be paid more to do what I do at work (on the same part time flexible schedule), I find it perfect for where I am in life at this moment. I love the flexibility for further pursuing my education and travel and I am 110% certain that the people and professional skills I hone at Delta will assist me in my Professional future whether at Delta or another private sector firm company or organization.

Someday I’ll have concise monthly updates for you all lol, this month isn’t it. 😀

In my spare time, I’ve been thinking tons more about branding, blogging, and my personal/professional future (hence this month’s imagery/media inspiration the photo above, snapped as I was reading Angel Law’s ‘Angel’s Laws of Blogging What You Need To Know If You Want To Have A Successful and Profitable Blog’ while on my train ride home from work). Branding is so important in business and in life and if you look around regardless of field or walk of life, we’re all brands in some way shape or form. KeeMyselfandi is a special part of me – a platform a test kitchen where I am free to work share and participate in an open exchange on my own terms. As I continue to work on KeeMyselfandi I am gaining this passion for learning about branding and its purpose and importance as it helps me to decide what comes next. Thank you Angel, for writing your book, you’ve taught me a lot and confirmed other things that I was wondering about. I will definitely be writing a review on Angel’s book.

The ‘what does Kee want?’ question, it works wonders, and I’ve used it each time I find myself stuck or stagnant in life. It has helped me to focus my efforts whether it’s keeping a job for more than 2 years, completing my college degree, moving out on my own, blogging consistently, or generally improving particular areas in my life. I absolutely love that question. You should try it!

Alright, I’ve typed your eyeballs away enough, Stay Tuned!

What’s Next? Reviews on Music and Posts on Interests.

In Admiration,

Kee Chisolm


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